A Punting We Will Go


Ever persistent, the Longinos travelled back to Cambridge yesterday. Outside the institutes of higher learning, the town doesn’t have much to recommend it. But punting on the Cam is a lot of fun!

You make new friends…


You crash into college students and tourists punting without the benefit of a paid guide…


You pass underneath the Bridge of Sighs with a sigh of relief because you’re still on top on the water and not in it….


All this while surrounded by a great deal of English history. Henry VIII founded Trinity College, bestowing upon it many of the riches he confiscated from the Catholic Church during the Restoration — making the school the third richest entity in the UK behind the Royal Family and the Church of England.


Henry VI founded King’s College. The rivalry between Trinity and King’s rivals that between Army and Navy only its a few centuries older.


And Cambridge brings new meaning to the term “ivy league” with multi-colored ivy.


Perhaps Harvard and Cambridge and others of their lofty ilk should see whose ivy is the longest?

Finally, should you ever find yourself punting on the Cam, gaze upon the beauty of the swans from afar. Their beauty is only feathers deep. They’re mean, little buggers.


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