Cambridge or Bust


We had planned on spending much of today in Cambridge touring museums and the university. The weather has taken a turn — I won’t say for the worse because cold and rainy is typical weather this time of year in England — so we were planning on indoor activities. No “punting” (aka gondola ride) on the Cam today in Cambridge!

Unfortunately, we ran into some car problems and didn’t make it to Cambridge. All is not lost. I am spending the afternoon snuggled in front of a gas fire reading a good book — A Wanted Man, a Jack Reacher thriller, by Lee Child.


Meanwhile, my intrepid husband is on a bus to Stowmarket to pick up one of the Hinton’s other cars which had been in the shop, but is now fixed. Best of all, we are insured to drive it!

Auto insurance appears to be a tricky business here in the U.K. and getting cars insured for American visitors to drive was no small undertaking for our hosts. Can’t really blame the insurer– I would hesitate to insure an American getting behind the wheel on the “wrong” side of the car to drive on the “wrong” side of these curvy country lanes! Not to mention navigating the roundabouts!

In case you’re wondering, it was no big deal with State Farm back in Georgia. We called our agent and the Hintons were covered under our policy for all vehicles — even the motorcycle. Simple.

Simple is not a word I’d use to describe Mr. Lee’s plot. Back to my cozy fire and Jack.

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