Dancing on the Me Kong

The Me Kong River has been our travel companion since we first saw it in Cambodia. It’s never been far out of sight throughout our trip through Laos. It seemed fitting to spend our last night in Laos taking a sunset dinner cruise on the mighty river.

Sunset on the Me Kong River.

The walk down the riverbank was interesting. During the dry season, locals plant crops along the river, but during the wet season the river rises to engulf the gardens.

We boarded our boat to discover that we were sharing the cruise with only one other couple — fellow Americans from Washington, D.C.

All aboard!

Once onboard, we headed downstream to watch the sun sneak behind the lovely, steep hills on the west side of Luang Prabang.

I’ve done dinner cruises from Hawaii to France and I haven’t found the food to be exceptional. The Me Kong dining experience was no different. The four-course meal was interesting, but average in taste and quality.

The main course — an assortment of traditional Lao dishes.

The highlight of the evening for me was slow dancing on the deck with my sweet husband as the sun set and a sliver of a moon rose. Quite romantic.

The Longinos weren’t the only ones dancing on the Me Kong. We were entertained on the cruise by a group of local high school students performing four traditional dances accompanied by music — a drum and xylophone.

The young girls were exquisite dancers. Graceful and petite, they looked like collectible dolls in their traditional garb.

A flower dance.

The royal dance.

The cruise was delightful and seemed to end just as it had begun. I won’t soon forget my evening dancing on the Me Kong.

Mount Phousi from the Me Kong River.

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