Around the World in 63 Days

Today is the start of a tour through Southeast Asia that will see us around the globe in 63 days.

From Atlanta, we head east to Istanbul for a few days, then on to a very brief stop in Kuwait. From Kuwait we fly to Sri Lanka where I hope to see elephants in the wild, a fabulous beach or two and Buddha’s tooth

We leave Sri Lanka for Mandalay, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) for pagodas, rain (October is the tail-end of the rainy season), Buddhist temples and who knows what else. Myanmar has just opened its borders for Western tourists in the last few years. 

After Mandalay, we’re off to the hottest, new tourist destination in Myanmar — Bagan, one of the undisputed wonders of medieval Asia.

After touring a gazillion temples in Bagan, Thailand awaits. First stop is Chiang Mai and the amazing serpent at the temple Wat Phra Singh.

Then it’s on to Bangkok and its shrines, canals and amazing food. The capital of Thailand is known for its “exuberant” nightlife. Don’t think I’ll have any problem talking my exuberant husband into checking it out.

No trip to Southeast Asia would be complete without stopping in Cambodia to tour Ankgor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. We’ll also check out Phnom Penh before journeying into Laos. Rest assured,  we will not walk/hike unescorted off the beaten path given the land mines the USA left behind there during the Vietnam War. 

We’ll pass through Hanoi to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a few glorious days in an overwater, beach bungalow before heading home. But not before a day trip to Indonesia just to say we’ve been.

We arrive back in Atlanta via Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Around the world in 63 days.

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One Response to Around the World in 63 Days

  1. John Longino says:

    I’m up for the Bangkok nightlife as long as I can be in bed by 10p

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