Over the River and Through the Woods to Çarşamba Pazari

Ever gone around your elbow to find your ear? That’s exactly what John and I did today — with the “help” of Google Maps no less!

It’s market day in Fatih and we arose early to be at the market, Çarşamba Pazari, around 10 a.m. We consulted with Google and based on the map location, outlined what looked like the quickest route. We would take the metro, change trains at Yenikapi, get on the M2 to Haliç then walk a short distance to the market. Easy peasy.

We hoped off at the Haliç Station which is literally on a suspension bridge spanning the Bosphorus.


We walked out of the station and took in some great views on this grey, cloudy morning.


We asked a security guard where we could find the Çarşamba Pazari and he pointed us in the general direction.

After about two miles, multiple stops for directions, and a long, slow climb up a hill, we arrived!


Çarşamba Pazari is like a big outdoor mall, stretching across multiple streets with everything from fruits, nuts and veggies…


to shoes available for purchase.


One of the more interesting displays I’ve seen in the markets here are the floating artichoke hearts. They’re delicious so we bought four.


I also find the dried herbs and vegetables unusual. We purchased a chain of dried eggplant so Chef John could try and duplicate a dish he’s enjoyed here: dried eggplant stuffed with meat seasoned with onions and tomatoes.


When we had stuffed our shopping bag with all that we wanted to carry, we headed out of the market.


John carries our goodies.

Rather than retrace our steps, we stopped to consult with Google Maps once again. Looking at our smartphone screen, we were flummoxed. How was it possible? The little, blue location dot showed us right behind the Fatih Cami, a large mosque just a hop, skip and a jump from our apartment.


We traversed the mosque’s large marble courtyard where I took advantage of some great photo opportunities.


I’m particularly taken with minarets.


From the Fatih Cami, it was a very short walk to our apartment. So, while it took us over an hour to get TO the market, it took just 15 minutes to get home FROM Çarşamba Pazari.

We had been around our elbow just to find our ear. Yet, the bounty we collected along the way made the trip worth it!


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