Fun in the Sun

What a day!

We arose early to board the Fun Seaker and head out on a cruise around St. Martin then on to Anguilla, a long, narrow island that neighbors St. Martin.


The Fun Seaker definitely lived up to its name as we had a blast. We went snorkeling with sea turtles then pushed on to Anguilla where John got his sailing fix aboard a small hobicat.


John captains a hobicat.

Once Sebastian, the captain of the Fun Seaker, had anchored the boat, the wonderfully crazy sailboat captain I married jumped in the water, swam to shore and was sailing the hobicat before Kim, Dan and I had even gotten into the dinghy to be taken ashore.

By the time we three had walked down the beach to the restaurant where we were having lunch, John had finished his 30-minute sail and was not far behind us.


Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen on this trip. The island’s white sandy beaches serve as the perfect backdrop for the blue-green water.


This is our last full day in St. Martin. We return home tomorrow. A day filled with fun in the sun was a great way to cap a wonderfully relaxing week.


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