Doing the Time Warp

Today has been a strange day.  The longest Tuesday of my life, in fact.

It started early in Christchurch, NZ where we caught a flight to Auckland, hung around the airport for a few hours, then boarded Tahiti Air for a four-hour-and-some-change flight to Papeete, Tahiti.

We crossed the International Dateline which meant I left New Zealand on Tuesday, but arrived in Tahiti on Monday night.

I had booked an apartment in Punaauia, about 14 km from the airport, through AirBnB and our host kindly picked us up at the airport, gifted us with leis, and dropped us off at the apartment.

We awoke this morning to redo Tuesday — Tahiti-style.


View from our apartment.

A baguette-filled breakfast reminded me that I was in French Polynesia. Fortified and ready to parlez-vous, we popped in at the local marina to book a whale-watching trip on Thursday before we head back to the USA on a late night flight. It’s whale season in Tahiti, so we’re hoping we get lucky and see a humpback whale or two.

We caught a bus headed into Papeete to check out the town and investigate the departure schedule on the 30-minute ferry ride over to the less-commercialized, neighboring island of Moorea tomorrow. We hope to rent a motorcycle to scope out Moorea and get in some beach and snorkeling time.

We trolled the crowded streets of Papeete and found it to be set up for the cruise ship market. Lots of tourist shops filled with inexpensive reminders of Tahiti — most made in China.


Papeete was not my cup of tea, so we caught a bus back to Punaauia and had a late lunch at a local restaurant in the marina where we began the day.

We enjoyed an enormous pizza, managing to eat about half of it between the two of us. It tasted fantastic after weeks of fish and chips!


Like Hawaii, Tahiti is blessed with trade winds which help mitigate the heat. John and I were surprised to find the swimming pool at our apartment complex was chilly when we ventured in for a late afternoon swim. We expected the fierce sunshine would have heated it, but it was refreshingly cool and the scenery was hard to beat.


What a day! But what if I awake tomorrow to find it’s Tuesday again? Will I be singing let’s do the time warp again or stuck in my own personal version of Groundhog Day ?

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