Gobsmacked Over Milford Sound

“Gobsmacked” is this great expression New Zealanders inherited from the British which means utterly astounded. To borrow the word, we were totally gobsmacked today by the sites seen on a flight from Queenstown to Milford  Sound and back again on this eight-seater.


Inside was a tight fit — even for John who sat in the co-pilot’s seat on the flight over.


But the views out the small aircraft were astonishing.


Milford Sound


The photos simply can’t capture the scale of the mountains we flew over and around. The massive ranges appeared infinite on the horizon and we were like a mosquito in comparison.


We landed, hopped a bus and boarded a ferry to cruise around Milford Sound — all part of a package deal.


The sound certainly lived up to its reputation as a scenic paradise. Hidden from view on the open ocean, it went undiscovered by Europeans until 1823 and wasn’t settled until 1877 when Donald Sutherland built a three-hut “City of Milford.”


Multiple waterfalls cascade into the blue-green depths of the sound, forming a fresh water layer on top of the salty Tasman Sea.


Seals were oblivious to our large boat as they rested on top of a large rock outcropping. One even yawned as we cruised by.


The 40-minute flight back to Queenstown was just as gobsmackingly (my word!) amazing as the flight over.



Can God cook or what!?

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2 Responses to Gobsmacked Over Milford Sound

  1. tim7171 says:

    Hey guys, we are the couple that you followed to Waitomo caves from Hobbiton (John gave us your card). Looks like you are having a good time, your photos are great, much better than ours.

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