On to the South Island

Rain has plagued us the last two days, putting a damper on the outdoor fun we had planned.

We stopped in Tungari on our drive southward hoping to take a hike in the Tongariro National Forest, but the weather soured and I settled for strolling down by the Tongariro River to watch the fly fishermen.


This morning we set out early for Wellington to catch the Interislander Ferry down to the much-anticipated South Island.

The four-hour drive to Wellington, the capitol city, was one beautiful vista after another. The terrain shifted drastically from the desert-like…


to the alpine.


Of course, there were plenty of these little fellas to ooh and ahh over along the way.


The three-hour ferry crossing, particularly when we neared the South Island, was picturesque.


The channel you enter to go to the port town of Picton is very narrow.


But once through, the scenery is stunning — even on a cold, rainy day.



The folks who live in this house have one of the best views on the planet!


Tomorrow begins the exploration of the South Island. But my tomorrow is your (readers in North America) day after tomorrow.

I’m finally getting the hang of this southern hemisphere time warp.

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