How to Make a Geyser Blow Its Top

If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone National Park, you know that Old Faithful erupts like clockwork. But who knew that you could MAKE a geyser blow its top?

I learned the three easy steps to making the Lady Knox Geyser in Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland erupt. (NOTE: Don’t try this on your geyser at home.)

Step One : Dump soap down the geyser hole.


Step Two: Wait for the geyser to start burping up the soap.


Wait for it….


Step Three: Voila! Soap-induced geyser eruption.


Watching Lady Knox erupt on command reminded me of those volcanoes we built in science class when I was a kid. Baking soda and Coca Cola was the secret eruption recipe. Mother Nature apparently prefers soap — at least for Lady Knox.

Waiotapu was certainly a thermal wonderland. We strolled around for well over an hour breathing in the sulfur and marveling at the geothermal landscape.




Of course, one of the best byproducts of all this geothermal activity are hot springs. We capped off the day by visiting Waikite, a very nice bath located about 6k away from Waiotapu.



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