A Trip to The Shire


I fell in love with Tolkien after reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings when I was in college. Gifted with a box set of the fantasy novels, I read them in sequence during a Christmas break — most of which I spent being a dutiful resident assistant in a near
-empty dormitory at the University of Alabama. But I wasn’t lonely as I waited to head home for the holidays. Gandalf and a whole cast of characters kept me company.

That’s why, for me, visiting Hobbiton today was like a kid’s first trip to Disneyland — all bright-eyed wonder and innocent fun.


The movie set bringing The Shire to life was constructed on a private farm about 45 minutes northwest of Rotorua near a small town called Matamata.

Seeing The Shire was like walking into Tolkien’s imagination. Meandering amidst the hobbit holes, I couldn’t help but wonder what the great writer would have thought about Peter Jackson’s movie set.




Striding up the hill to Bag End,


I was surprised that Bilbo didn’t greet us, but perhaps he was off on another unexpected journey. He must have been in a hurry to leave, because he left the door open.


We stopped by the Green Dragon before leaving The Shire and raised a pint to the imaginations of writers everywhere for bringing us wonderful tales that enrich our lives.


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2 Responses to A Trip to The Shire

  1. Shannon says:

    I’m SOOOOO jealous right now. Ahhh!!

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