Sunday at Cathedral Cove

I have a feeling “spectacular” is a word I will be using a lot on this trip, but even that grandiose adjective doesn’t do what I’ve been seeing justice. Today’s a good example.

Sunday seemed like the perfect day to head to Cathedral Cove and marvel at the Creation.


A 40-minute hike up and down hills and a flat stretch alongside a sheep farm…


got us to the picturesque cove.


Cathedral Cove is so named because of this spectacular rock formation carved out by the ocean.


We had the cove virtually to ourselves as we arrived by 9:30 a.m. The view from any direction was — you guessed it — spectacular.


On the trek back, we took a side trail that offered a more rugged experience than the open coastal track. My new pair of Merrills got a work out.


After our hilly morning hike, we headed straight for the Lost Springs, one of more than 100 hot springs located in New Zealand, to soak our bones.


The mineral water in the warmest pool was 104F and in addition to soothing some aching joints and muscles, it left our skin feeling incredibly soft.


Thanks to the Lost Springs spa, we were rejuvenated enough to make the drive to Rotorua — hot springs central in New Zealand. Care to guess what will be on our agenda tomorrow?

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2 Responses to Sunday at Cathedral Cove

  1. Stefania says:

    You are in Paradise, aren’t you? Stefi

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