Pacific Coast Highway

We took the scenic route from Auckland headed to the Coromandel Peninsula this morning.


Right outside of a little town called Miranda, we lost our way on the Pacific Coast Highway and found ourselves stopping at a roadside cafe for coffee, tea and directions. I discovered the most incredible outhouse I have ever seen.


The window looked like this from inside…


Locals at the cafe recommended we take a ride on an “eccentric” little railroad located just north of the town of Coromandel. We headed in that direction, taking in some breathtaking scenery along the way.


The Driving Creek Railway turned out to be as eccentric as described and well worth the stop. The wee railway is an adjunct to Driving Creek Potteries, a studio and residency for potters from around the world.


The studios and railway are the brainchild of Barry Bricknell, who began building the railway, by hand, up a mountain on his property in 1973. Today, the train, made on site, terminates atop the mountain at the Eyefull Tower.

Pottery enclaves are scattered throughout the ride up the mountain…



and needless to say, the views along the way and up top are spectacular.



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