La Promenade Plantée

promenade (prɒməˈnɑːd,-ˈneɪd)

1.a paved public walk, typically one along the seafront at a resort.

1. take a leisurely public walk, ride, or drive so as to meet or be seen by others.

No one understands a promenade or how to promenade better than Parisians. From a stroll along the Left Bank to sashaying down the Champs Elycees, Parisians can promenade down a number of picturesque promenades.

This morning, we went in search of La Promenade Plantée, an out-of-use elevated rail line converted to a green walkway and opened in 1993.


The Promenade Plantée, located in the 12th arrondissement, is 2.9 miles long and consists of 3 acres of gardens.



The views from 10 meters up give you an interesting perspective on the city, particularly its sidewalk cafes and apartment buildings.




The Promenade Plantée also passes over the Viaduc des Arts, arts and crafts shops built into an old viaduct. We didn’t quit our promenade to take a look, but we did stop to smell the roses (literally) before continuing on down the tree-lined walkway.



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