Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Oh, oh, oh
Let’s go ride a bike
Up to the water dike
Let’s go ride a bike
And send it roaring
Up where you never veer
Up where the road is clear
Oh, let’s go ride a bike
(Sung to the tune of Let’s Go Fly a Kite from the Disney movie Mary Poppins)

The city of Paris makes bike-riding as easy as Mary Poppins made kite-flying. Scattered throughout the city are Velib stations like these.


You can set up a Velib account online and rent a bike with unlimited 30-minute rides for 8 euros ($9) a week. Anything over 30-minute costs 1 euro ($1.14) for the first 30-minutes then 1 euro per hour. You can return the bike to any Velib station.

Bike lanes can be found throughout the city.


John and I went for a test drive around the St. Martin Canal area this morning. That’s when my rendition of the Mary Poppins tune got stuck in my head.


It was a brisk day, so we returned home to add a layer of clothing before heading out again. We ventured back to the huge park, Bois de Boulogne, picking up a couple of bikes along the way.

The tune started up again as we pedaled through the 2,000-acre park. It’s a great place to ride and easy to navigate as it is well marked.


For all my tennis buddies, we cruised past the home of the French Open, stopping long enough to snap my photo for posterity at a venue parking sign.


We spotted the top of the Eiffel Tower in the distance and headed for it, but I ran out of gas before we made it. We rode through the Jardins du Ranelagh


and turned our bikes in at the next Velib station we could find.

Thankfully, the annoying tune only seems to switch on in my brain when I’m on two wheels and pedaling fast.

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