The Twin Cities — Hungarian-Style

Budapest is really two cities in one. Kind of like Minneapolis-St. Paul. Buda is on the hilly side of the River Danube while Pest, where we’re staying, is on the other, flatter, side.


The "Buda" side of Budapest.

The capitol of Hungary, with a population just shy of 2 million, is a lovely “little” city. I’m enjoying a historic city vibe without the crush and noise that comes with more people and more vehicles. Best of all, traffic actually defers to pedestrians, unlike Istanbul where you learn to dodge vehicles or die.

The metro and tram are only about a block from our apartment. We took a ride first thing this morning on tram line 2 to get the lay of the land.


Budapest reminds me somewhat of Prague. The architecture in Prague is unparalleled, but the Hungarian Parliament building is truly magnificient.



I’ve also spotted some other, lesser known buildings which caught my eye, including a colorful beauty directly across the street from our apartment. I particularly like how it looks in the afternoon through the living room window.



I’ve left the land of mosques for the cathedrals of Europe. The neo-renaissance style of St. Stephen’s big dome stood out during our morning stroll.


We also spotted something akin to the London Eye which I promptly put on my to-do list with Flat Stanley . Something tells me he’s going to like the view from the top.

Yea, I think we’re all going to like the twin cities — Hungarian-Style.


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