Making Memories

I love traveling with John. We’ve made a lifetime of memories since we hit the road in 2012. Yet, what a special joy it is when any of our children join us!


Megan arrived last night and we spent a leisurely morning getting caught up on Megan’s sojourn in Paris before making our way to the Blue Mosque. Luckily, there was a light rain earlier today and the line to get in to see the 386-year-old mosque was virtually non-existent.

The girls and I donned our scarves…


and we all four removed our shoes before entering to peruse the interior.



As we exited the Mosque and began the short walk over to the Hagia Sophia, John was approached by an enterprising salesman. John engaged with the young man, who spoke English fluently, and told him we had enjoyed our shopping experience with Sadik last year.

“Sadik is my cousin,” he said without missing a beat.

I smirked and the young man smiled and admitted that he was not related to Sadik, but knew him. He proceeded to call Sadik on his cell phone and within five minutes, the smooth Sadik appeared.

He worked his magic and whisked us to the front of the line to tour the Hagia Sophia.

Afterward, we enjoyed a lovely round of Turkish tea, interesting conversation, and, of course, spending more money than was advisable at Sadik’s (and his brothers’/cousins’) shop — 5K Jewelry and Ceramics.

All in all…another wonderful day creating memories…

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