5000 Miles From Home

To be exact, Istanbul is 5,734 miles from Waleska, Georgia as the crow flies — provided, of course, a crow could fly such a distance.  Even in the man-made birds, it’s a long haul.

We left the United States on Monday night at about 10 and arrived in Turkey on Tuesday night at about 10. We did schedule a six-hour layover in London to visit with our good friend Robert Hinton. We conducted The Great House Swap with Robert, and his wife, Dorothy, in 2013. You can read about it here.

Istanbul, where the Western world meets the Eastern world, is a fascinating city with eons of history and culture around every corner. The sprawling metropolis is dissected by the Bosphorus Strait with the European continent on one shore and the Asian continent on the other. Last year we stayed on the European side in hip Beyoglu, but our digs in Istanbul are on the Asian side this year in a quiet neighborhood called Kuzguncuk which is populated with Ottoman-period town houses.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our apartment which resides in one of the renovated town houses. Airbnb.com comes through again!


John was up early this morning while I slept in. We visited the local market, which luckily comes to Kuzguncuk on Wednesdays. This afternoon we’re headed over to the European side to visit the famous Spice Bazaar and bring home an assortment of spices for Chef Longino to try.

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