Getting to know Flat Stanley


Say “Hello!” to Flat Stanley. He’s our new traveling companion. The incredibly smart, stupendously cool kids in Mrs. McFarland’s class at Hasty Elementary suggested we take Flat Stanley along on our travels. Since he’s such a nice, quiet guy (you hardly know he’s there), we agreed.

Actually, we’re rather honored that Flat Stanley agreed to join us. He’s been seen in the company of some really famous people. His photo album puts ours to shame!

For a two-dimensional guy, Flat Stanley is really open to experiencing life. He loved the cows, honey bees, and orange grove on the Longino Ranch yesterday. Camping out at the Paynes Prairie State Preserve just south of Gainesville, Fla. has been a real eye-opener for all three of us.


Who knew there was an honest-to-goodness prairie in the southeastern United States complete with buffaloes? I mean alligators, yes, but bison? This National Natural Landmark is a unique place and we’re so glad Buster and Jane Longino recommended it.

We’re headed home tomorrow, but Flat Stanley is all excited about our next trip. We’ll be taking Flat Stanley to Ecuador.

Stay tuned!

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