Creeping Out on the Road

Last Halloween I was in Florence, Italy feeling homesick for a jack-o-lantern. (Read all about it here.) This All Hallows Eve, I’m rolling along on a ferry transporting the camper, John and myself from Okracoke in the Outer Banks back to the mainland.

There’s a flock of seagulls following us on this gloomy day like a bad scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds.


Life on the road has its creepy moments. In honor of today’s celebration of all things creepy, here’s a short list of those things that have given me pause in my travels.

5. The Chateau Vincennes in Paris is a solemn place, particularly the tower where Napoleon locked up his priest. The sadness oozed from the walls still bearing the remnants of the priest’s paintings. The fact that the Marquis de Sade was locked up there only added to the dark karma.

4. Something about English churchyards is eerie even in the light of day. I wasn’t brave enough to visit the churchyard in Woolpit at night last year during our stay in the village.

3. Caesar’ Tower in Provins, France is a 12th-century dungeon worthy of a horror movie. It gave me chills when John and I visited it with friends in 2013. The suffering of the prisoners held there was palatable.

2. Nothing like being underground with thousands of human skeletons to creep you out. That’s the Catacombs in Paris. I was happy to get above ground.

1. I didn’t have to travel far to have the creepiest experience ever on the road. Megan and I took the paranormal tour of the Sorrel Weed House in Savannah in 2012. We managed to scare ourselves silly during and after this truly creepy tour. The guys from the TV show, Ghost Hunters, declared the house haunted and I believe them!

To help me avoid jack-o-lantern withdrawal on this trip, this little has guy has been keeping me company all month.

Happy Halloween!

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3 Responses to Creeping Out on the Road

  1. Lisa says:

    I went to Okracoke once with Mollie when I took her to Morehead City to visit her father. It was on a cold wet day, and we really didn’t like it too much. I hope that you and John are having a better experience than we had. If you go through Beaufort, you should visit the cemetery there. It’s more funny than creepy. For creepy you’d have to visit Black Beard’s house, that place is really creepy.

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