The Maine Thing


Maine is truly a natural treasure — as one of its license plates proclaims –which makes it a vacationland — as another plate states — but mainly in the Spring and Summer. Maine joins Vermont and New Hampshire (and the rest of New England) in shutting down for campers in mid-October.

Luckily for the Travelin’ Longinos a few campgrounds are still open as we make our way slowly up the coast to Acadia National Park. The tourists are gone…but the natural beauty remains.


In addition to lobster, I’m really enjoying the locally grown apples. We stopped at this cute roadside market today and picked up a couple — along with some other homegrown veggies and a big slice of homemade apple pie.


Of course we’ve been stopping for lobster every chance we get. I enjoyed a great lobster bisque yesterday while John chowed down on this guy.


Lobster pie was on the menu today when we lunched at a restaurant in Rockland. It was terrific, but even more astounding was that the young man, a Delta pilot, sitting with his wife and in-laws next to us ended up being related to John! Yes, there are Longinos or cousins to Longinos everywhere.


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