On the Road Again…

John and I packed up the Clampett mobile yesterday and hit the road again. Unlike Anthony Bourdain, we are headed for parts known — kind of.

Our initial destination is Niagara Falls, then its on to Maine for some lobster, up into Canada until it gets too cold and then back down the East Coast to revel in the fall foliage.

Our first pit stop was at a Bojangles in Chatsworth. I posted this photo on Facebook as I was struck by the Americanism of fast food co-located beside a final resting place. My quick-witted friend, Stefania Lepera, labeled it “last food” instead of fast food.


From the final feasting place we traversed into Tennessee and stopped at the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore. I picked up some good tidbits on Cherokee history for a book (historical fiction #2) I’ve started writing.

Then it was on to Kentucky where our progress north was delayed when the ABS warning light made its presence known.  Hauling 2 tons of camper, we made a beeline to the nearest repair shop in London — yes, London — Kentucky.


We waited out the repair and a tornado, then made our way to Levi Jackson State Park for the night.

We rose early to howl at the lunar eclipse, but just when we thought to leave Kentucky behind for Ohio, the ABS light reappeared. We’ve returned to await the arrival of our friendly repairman.

In addition to your brakes, you can get your Woody serviced here.

Need I say more?

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