Before I became a mother, I thought I could do anything. Literally. After I became a mother, I understood my limitations.

Before my kid moved to Buc, I enjoyed the French train system. After multiple treks to and from Buc laden with pounds of “stuff,” I really appreciate my car.

Before at Megan’s little studio apartment at Adrienne Boland…






Before returning to our rented apartment, we enjoyed a delicious hamburger at Bistro Burger on the rue des petits carreaux. After watching all the Parisians eat their burgers with a fork and knife, we laughed and kept using our hands. That’s what the bun is for!

Before leaving for France tomorrow, I am enjoying the last day I will see my youngest child for a good while. I know my limitations. After all is said and done, mothering is about letting go and watching your children fly.


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2 Responses to Before/After

  1. Peggy says:

    Donna, your posts are wonderful and helping to prepare me for the (soon) day Gina goes off to college!

    • hikenwrite says:

      Glad you’re enjoying them! Get ready…the chick will fly the coop before you know it! Meg moved into an apartment closer to GSU a couple of years ago, but leaving her in France was HARD.

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