To Buc and Back

Buc is a little village butting up against Versailles. It’s quiet and quaint — the busy, narrow road that runs through it notwithstanding.

The Adrienne Boland Residence is on the left right after leaving Versailles to enter Buc. Named after a French aviatrix, it’s my Meggie’s new home.


We’ve made the trek from Paris to Buc and back a couple of times now. First, to pay the first month’s rent and collect the keys and then again today to haul clothing and household items purchased at a Carrefour hypermarket — think Target ambience with Walmart pricing.

The palace of Versailles is only about a 40-minute walk from Megan’s apartment building. With its proximity to the palace, it’s no surprise that Buc features a “small” château that was used as a hunting lodge by the king.


From the center of Paris where we are currently staying, it takes about 40 minutes on the fast train and more than an hour on the slow one to get to the Versailles-Chantiers train station. Then it’s a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute bus ride to Meggie’s front door. I figure Megan will log 4 miles a day walking in her new life here in France. Now you know why obesity just isn’t a problem here!

Tomorrow will be my last trek to Buc and back on this trip. We haul another load of goodies and then — voila! — my daughter is officially moved in to the Adrienne Boland Residence.

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