Cannes Can’t

Hold a candle to Nice.

This morning we boarded a train for the 30-minute ride west to Cannes, home of the film festival. In essence, Cannes felt like a congested, hurried tourist mecca.

The ocean view around the Palais des Festivals et des Congres was completely blocked in preparation for an upcoming yacht show. Cannes is the major trade show and cruise ship drop-off point for this beautiful coast.

To see the gorgeous sea and feel its breeze, we had to go to the old part of town and climb a hill to the Musee de LaCastre, formerly a medieval castle.

The view from the top was worth the climb.


The grounds of the museum were lovely, but the breeze was lovelier.


Megan enjoyed the walk down more than the climb up. That and window-shopping at Chanel’s on the walk back to the train station.


I enjoyed getting back to the breezy avenues of Nice and away from the cramped, congested hustle and bustle of Cannes.

Film aficionados, yachtsmen and cruisers can keep Cannes. I think Nice is nicer.

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