Saturday in the Park

A sunny day in Bucharest today after a couple of cloudy, misty days. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than heading to the largest park in town — Parcul Herastrau?

It is my favorite spot in Bucharest thus far — despite the stray dogs that roam the area. That’s right. In addition to the pickpockets and crooked taxi drivers that plague many a city, in Bucuresti you also have to be aware of stray dogs that — if what I saw in the park this morning is any indication — tend to run in packs. Toddlers beware!

Back to the parcul….it’s quite lovely even though, like most things in this city in transition, it isn’t well maintained by Western Europe or U.S. standards.
The park is home to the Village Museum which is fascinating. Examples of housing and small, village churches from all over Romania have been moved here to create an incredible outdoor museum.


We spent an enjoyable couple of hours learning a little bit about how Romanians have lived since the 1700s.

I particularly enjoyed the recreation of a traditional Romanian wedding. Oompa!

We left the park and stumbled upon the Arcul de Triumph where we enjoyed a very satisfying lunch at a restaurant with quite a view.


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3 Responses to Saturday in the Park

  1. Phyllis Ramsey says:

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos! Wish we were there with you…Love, Robert & Phyllis

  2. Gerry Crosson says:

    It looked very interesting and the restaurant looked great for a sunny day.

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