Checking out the Czech Republic

“Prague is the Paris of the ’90s!” pronounced a rather pretentious advertising rep trying to sell me ad space back in the day. His words did make a lasting impression as I’ve wanted to check out the Czechs and Prague ever since.

Flash forward almost two decades and here I am sitting in a cozy, little apartment in Prague on a nice, quiet side street.


Getting here today was quite the haul. I traveled on a Delta-Aeroflot ticket from Atlanta to NYC to Moscow to Prague. Navigating JFK in the Big Apple proved the most complicated part of the trip thanks to a dearth of signage about transportation between terminals and a Delta gate agent whose idea of helpful assistance was to tell me I had to “leave the building” to get from one terminal to the next to catch my connecting flight. 

Compare that to Moscow where signage in Russian and English leads you to a transfer area where you show ticket and passport to an information agent who tells you ( in your native language) how to get to your connecting flight. Signage on the floor and overhead leads you easily to other terminals and ultimately your gate. Very smooth operation…

I was intrigued by a Russian custom upon landing in Moscow and then Prague via Aeroflot.. Every Russian on the plane claps…the applause is a show of gratitude, I suppose, for a safe landing.

You would have been hard pressed to find a happier woman than me when I walked out of customs at the Prague airport to spot my husband waiting for me. He began his journey almost a month ago in the U.K. (Read his travel journal at He came bearing roses…gotta love this man!

Tomorrow begins the exploration of Prague…


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2 Responses to Checking out the Czech Republic

  1. Gerry Crosson says:

    I am so glad to see your post…It’s hard to keep up with you two hard core traveling people..Sounds like you are on a great adventure…I wish you the very best. Let me know when you will be back at the Gulch so I can come to visit…Much love and prayers…

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