The Alps

Sitting in the passenger seat of a tiny car for eight hours driving through the Italian and Austrian Alps is like riding on the Dahlonega Mine Train at Six Flags Over Georgia all day.

Well…sort of. Every twist and turn on the roller coaster doesn’t reveal views like this.



John and I left Italy yesterday and drove up into Austria. Strange how the landscape is the same, but the manmade objects are quite different when you cross the border.

Austrian roads are much wider and better maintained, a reflection of the stronger Austrian economy. As in Germany, which gets more than half of its power from solar energy, most of the homes I saw in  Austria were outfitted with solar panels.

We stopped for lunch in a small, alpine town and I dug into the weiner schnitzel served with potatoes and a salad. It was quite good as was the apple strudel I shared with John for dessert.

Then it was back across the border to get lost in the Italian Alps for a couple of hours along hairpin turns up and down the mountains before finally breaking free to make our way to Vicenza where we stayed the night.

Ski season in the alps on both sides of the border doesn’t appear to start until later this month as many hotels and restaurants were closed. But the views are always open.





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2 Responses to The Alps

  1. Lisa says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

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