Celebrating Chocolate

The daytime temperature hasn’t dropped below 72 since we arrived, yet for the Florentines it is chilly. They bundle up like it’s Chicago which leads me to believe summers here must be akin to Dante’s inferno.

Maybe that’s why they hold the international chocolate festival in Perugia, a town two hours southeast of Firenze, in October. Otherwise, festival goers would be swimming in chocolate rather than buying tons of the good stuff for the return trip home.


I feel about chocolate the way Bubba felt about shrimp. It can be served in a gazillion ways — the next one better than the last– and I love them all. In Perugia, I wallowed in chocolate Italian style…


but my favorite was from the Emerald Isle — Bailey’s Chocolate.


Chocolate wasn’t the only thing to recommend Perugia. The old town center sits on top of a hill overlooking the clouds.


It has its Renaissance-era buildings. The Palazzo dei Priori is now home to the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria.


Directly across from the museum is the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo completed in 1490 — just before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. An external pulpit caught my eye.


The interior, particularly the ceiling, was a pleasant surprise.



But back to chocolate…it’s going green. The theme of this year’s festival was “Evergreen: the sweetness of sustainability.” The beautiful park in Perugia was on board.


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