Firenze to Fiesole

The hill leading up to Fiesole is littered with one villa after another safely ensconced behind a gated wall. It’s a picturesque ride even from a bus crowded with tourists leaving Florence behind for a few hours to take in the views from atop the hills north of the city.


It felt great to be out in the open with just the sky as a ceiling and away from the dark, narrow maze of streets in Firenze’s historic center.

Our first stop was lunch at the Aurora. John savored the sea bass and some grilled vegetables while I enjoyed sliced artichoke with sliced parmasean cheese drizzled with olive oil and naked ravioli.

After a cup of gelato, we began walking it all off by following the Etruscan wall around the outside of the Civic Archaeological Museum.


The Etruscans predate the Romans, building this wall in the 4th century B.C. The Romans started moving in and taking over in the 1st century B.C., building this amphitheatre.



In the 21st century, an American watched her very own Italian take the stage to recite portions of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. His performance was well received by an audience of one — me.


After John’s impromptu solo performance, we strolled around the site and discovered a Roman temple,


bath house,


and gymnasium.


As you might suspect, I was relieved when my husband didn’t attempt any somersaults or cartwheels in the gym.

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