Jemima Puddleduck et al

When my girls were little, I read them The Tale of Peter the Rabbit and other Beatrix Potter stories so it was a delightful surprise today when I discovered a Beatrix Potter connection at Melton Hall.


Melton Hall is another Tudor estate right down the road from Kentwell Hall. The Hyde Parker family has had possession of Melton Hall since the 1700s. Beatrix Potter’s cousin married a Hyde-Parker and Beatrix loved to come visit for extended periods.


She had her own bedroom and travelled with animals — hedgehog, rabbit, etc. — in cages which she kept in a little room off her bedroom. Eccentric? Yea, more than a little.


Many of her illustrations are on display at Melton Hall as was the Jemima Puddleduck Beatrix made for one of her cousin’s children.

The Hall’s other claim to fame was a visit from Queen Elizabeth I in 1587 or so. Like the Queen, John took a load off in front of the Hall’s great fireplace.


Next to the Beatrix connection, my favorite aspect of Melton Hall was the  rococo fireplaces. Truly beautiful…




We toured the garden, but I saw hide nor hair of any rabbit, hedgehog or duck.


I did spot this strange beast attempting to play crochet. Wonder how Beatrix would illustrate it?


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