German Gelato to Quacking Up

People are interesting.

Take the owner of a wee sandwich shop in Long Melton.


John and I went in for directions, but ended up coming back for lunch because he was so nice and helpful. He was born in London where an Italian taught him how to make gelato. He spent a couple of decades in Germany as the owner of an ice cream shop making gelato for Germans.

He really liked Germany — he preferred German socialism to the conservatism in England– but ended up moving to Long Melford to appease his wife.

I don’t know about his gelato, but his “chicken & salad” sandwich was superb and the conversation excellent.

Earlier in the day, we met and joined an Australian couple for a walk along some footpaths at Kentwell Hall.



The Tudor manor was closed, but we definitely enjoyed the stroll with the Aussies, particularly this stretch down the front drive. These trees were planted in the 1600s.


Back in Woolpit, my never-meet-a-stranger-without-saying-hello husband made the acquaintance of Terry and Lynn, a couple who had just moved back to their home in Woolpit after living many years in Queensland, Australia.

They were busy renovating an apartment next to the post office and were kind enough to give us a tour, along with their carpenter, Collin.

Terry told us the apartment had served as a home for servants at The Street House in past centuries. The ceilings were short of 6′ in most places so John and I were ducking the entire time. Those Elizabethans were tiny!

Collin asked me if the ceilings in my home in America were tall and I described the wonderful vaulted ceilings that I will now more thoroughly appreciate at Tin Can Gulch.

As will my husband who goes through the house quacking because he so often has to duck.

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