Along the Coast

We headed to the coast this morning, stopping at a cute, little village called Bungay for a coffee (John) and a cup of hot chocolate (moi) along the way.

We passed plowed field after plowed field  populated by flocks of sea gulls before we reached our first destination — Burgh Castle, the site of a Roman fort.


The Romans built forts all along the coast. Remnants of a calvary helmet dating to the 4th century have been found at Burgh Castle.


A great estuary flowed in front of the fort in centuries past. Today, the water level has receded and a small estuary and marsh remain.


John and I enjoyed a nice walk around the fort area which also features a small, country church.



We enjoyed Shepherd’s pie at Dolly’s in Lowestoft before we made our way to Walberswick to check out Robert’s boats.


We sat aboard his 37 footer for a while and marveled at the fast current ripping through the channel as the tide from the North Sea rolled in.

The rain waited until we were on the boat before it began in earnest, but we got our first good soak on the way back to the car.

From there it was back to Woolpit via A1120, a scenic road that takes you through the English countryside passing through villages with interesting names like Yoxford, Saxtead and Stonham Aspal.

Yes, we speak the same language, but at times it feels like time and the great pond that separates us have conspired to make it otherwise.

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