Shout out to Mrs. McFarland’s class at Hasty Elementary. Last night’s towel animal was this cute puppy.


We pulled into Juneau this morning. Beautiful sunny day, but a cool 62 degrees.  We bundled up and caught a shuttle for the Medenhall Glacier.

Easy little paths to follow. One led to a salmon creek where we saw the proverbial upstream battle.


Missed the bear who came by for lunch later, but we did see a porcupine hugging the top of a tree and a bald eagle. See if you can spot the fierce bird in this photo.


The waterfalls beside the glacier was a 2-mile roundtrip. The trail was very easy and the falls quite majestic.


It takes a snowflake that falls on the Juneau ice field at the top of the glacier about 300 years to make it’s way down the glacier and ultimately into the lake at the foot of the glacier.


It was difficult to imagine that the big chunks of ice we saw floating in the lake were at least 300 years old.


I stuck my hand in the lake water and it was as cold as expected!

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One Response to Juneau

  1. The kids are going to love this. They will want a lesson on towel folding and they WON’T give up until someone finds the eagle! You guys are having too much fun!

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