Where the Whales Are

August is the official Birthday Month for the Longino household. John celebrated his on August 18 and mine is coming up on August 31. As a birthday gift to one another, we decided to take a little trip this month. I booked us for a couple of days at the Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens, but then John got an email from Vacations to Go.

If you don’t subscribe to Vacations to Go – now’s the time to start. They really have great deals on cruises, particularly if your schedule is flexible.  John spotted an Alaskan cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines at a phenomenal price and suggested we go see where the whales are. Who am I to argue? My friend, Kim Harper, had taken an Alaskan cruise earlier this summer and the photos she posted on Facebook were amazing. I promptly cancelled our reservation at Callaway. Alaska here we come!

I’ve always wanted to go to Vancouver, B.C. in Canada ever since I worked for a Canadian software start-up back in the late 1980s. It’s hard to meet any humans nicer than our neighbors to the north and from what Canadians have told me, it’s even harder to find a more beautiful city on the planet than Vancouver. We leave tomorrow to fly to Vancouver where we’ll sightsee for a couple of days before boarding the Norwegian Sun for a 7-day cruise.

Looks like we’ll be arriving in Vancouver just in time to join the celebration for the 125th anniversary of Stanley Park, the city’s first official green space.


Back in 1888, citizens just wanted to preserve a beautiful area in their city, but today Vancouver has a plan to become the world’s greenest by 2020. With about 230 public parks – I have a feeling they’re going to make it!

Our ship, the Norwegian Sun, departs Vancouver on August 26 and makes several stops on its way to Whittier, Alaska. On my birthday, we’ll be cruising Glacier Bay National Park. What a wonderful birthday present! Bring on the Alaskan crab! I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the whales. I’ve never seen the magnificent mammals in the wild and I can’t wait!

Once we arrive in Whittier, we’re taking a shuttle to Anchorage, picking up a rental car and making our way to the Talkeetna Roadhouse. This roadhouse, established in 1917, resides in the town of Talkeetna which borders Denali Park, home of Mt. McKinley.


Exploring a little part of the 49th state is bound to be memorable!

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