Back in the USA

John and I made it home on Sunday and are still trying to overcome a bit of jet lag. But oh what a trip and what wonderful memories we made!

Apologies to my faithful blog readers…both my smartphone and my tablet pooped out in Paris leaving me unable to post. I won’t bore you with the details…suffice it to say I experienced severe technical difficulties up to and including having my Bose headphones break on the flight home! I limped home with not one piece of technology I took with me working. Not my trip for electronics… 

We arrived home just in time for the tragedy in Boston and our prayers and best wishes have been directed north ever since. 

It took my rambling man less than 24 hours to begin planning our next big adventure. I will surely enjoy it wherever “it” ends up being. But for now, I’m kind of like Dorothy in thinking that “there’s no place like home.” As much as I adore Paris, it’s good to be back in my own big bed, enjoying a house that seems HUGE in comparison to our French apartment and just relaxing in my native tongue — Southern, that is!

La vie est belle — on the road AND at home.



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