“O” is for Ohh La La

The Louvre may be the grand-dame of museums, but L’Orangerie and the Orsay, particularly the latter, have become my favorites in Paris.

John and I toured the L’Orangerie — home to Monet’s magnificent Water Lilies, for the first time a couple of days ago. There’s a series of eight paintings in two, oval-shaped rooms, four paintings in each. Monet designed the rooms and paintings to be a haven for busy Parisians — a calming refuge in a clamorous world. He definitely succeeded because upon entering the rooms I was filled with the same serenity and peace I experience when I look out over the pond at Tin Can Gulch.  Of course, the Giverny ponds Monet painted are much more richly colorful and textured than the clay and rock-bottomed pond at the Gulch!

And my “ohh la la” moment at the Musee d’Orsay came when I discovered Alfred Sisley. I favor landscapes and Sisley delivers. Megan and I toured the Orsay yesterday and she functioned as my tour guide, giving me the history of Impressionism and the low-down on many of the artists. Unfortunately, some of the paintings she specifically wanted to see were in a section of the museum which was blocked off for reconstruction. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time surrounded by the creativity of so many amazingly talented humans.

There’s nothing more “ohh la la” than having your youngest child — now a young woman — share with you a moment of the art world in which she is choosing to live. Love creating those memories…

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One Response to “O” is for Ohh La La

  1. murdie says:

    I sat through a lecture about Olympia yesterday just fuming that we didn’t get to see her!!!

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