Petanque, anyone?

The old girl (Notre Dame) is celebrating her 850th birthday this year. She’s looking good for her years.


Underneath her skirts are the remnants of an even more ancient city..Lutetia, a Gallo-Roman town dating to the first century. John and I dropped by the Archaeological Crypt in Notre-Dame today to check it out. It’s a cool little museum with some AMAZING computer-generated graphics of the cathedral at various stages over the 200-some-old years of its construction. 

The crypt put us hot on the trail of another Roman structure — les Arenes de Lutece.

The Roman amphitheater was reconstructed in the 19th century and is still being used today. The modern day gladiators took the form of a couple of men’s clubs playing a mean game of petanque

— the french bowling game. 


It was a friendly game…but very serious! They got out a tape measure at one point to determine the EXACT winner.

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