A Country Mouse in Paris

I’m a country mouse. Always have been. Something about living surrounded by the Creation does my spirit good. So how did this country mouse decide to live for two months in one of the largest cities in the world?

Paris is different…the pace of life is slower here.  People are certainly busy, but it lacks that harried, get-out-of-my-way-I’m-in-a-hurry feeling that drowns you in New York. What are New Yorkers…and we Americans in general…in such a big hurry to get to or get away from? I’m a southerner and we southerners definitely move slower than our neighbors to the north, but even we are moving quite rapidly compared to the average Parisian. John and I went for a walk on the Left Bank today after attending this small church in the outskirts of Paris. Our stroll was much faster than our fellow travelers on this cold Sunday afternoon. What do we miss in our haste?

My pace has certainly slowed over the last year and I don’t miss the hectic, harrassed feeling that was my life for so many years. What a monumental blessing it is to take a deep breath and look around and see….a child holding his father’s hand, an elderly couple enjoying a casual kiss, teen-aged girls scoping out the young men and vice versa, an ancient woman with the hands that seemed decades younger…

Parisians seem to know how to see the life around them…sip their espresso slowly, seek the sun even on a cold day and soak in the beauty that surrounds them. I’ll always prefer the Creation…but the man-made creations I saw today are amazing in their own right.


Gate Entering the Louvre


The Louvre

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One Response to A Country Mouse in Paris

  1. Beautiful! The kids in room 207 love the pics of your apartment! They’ll enjoy these as well when we get back from winter break.

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