Gopher It

This is a gopher hole.

Inside lives a peppy little rodent that is surely one of the cutest critters I’ve ever seen. I first spotted the little tykes in Alma, CO and I’ve seen them on the road side and in campgrounds throughout the northwest. They are so quick I have been unable to get close enough to snap a decent photo, having to settle for a shot of the typical homey hole.

I’m afraid the folks living with the hole-digging creatures on a daily basis don’t share my assessment. Today in Cardston, Alberta, Canada they are hosting a gopher hunt to rid the town and its environs of a few of the burrowing beasties.

This made me kind of sad until I recalled my years-old war with flying squirrels back home at Tin Can Gulch. Flying squirrels are almost as cute as their prairie cousins. But after they get in your rafters and keep you up at night with their scurrying and scratching, you forget about how cute they are and see them with glowing, demon-red eyes and gigantic, razor-sharp teeth bent on destroying your home. At which point, I initiated my own hunt and took out as many of the little devils as I could.

Guess the good people of Cardston don’t want gopher holes on the golf course and ranchers don’t want their livestock breaking a leg stepping in one of the gazillion holes that pepper the ground. Thus, I can only tell the Canadians in Cardston to “gopher it” and say adios to many of my little friends.

John and I didn’t just “gopher” Banff. We’re within 10 miles, but decided to stop for the night. And yes, I saw more of my favorite little rodents as we walked the streets of Canmore, Alberta. John swears they go into their holes, kick back and watch satellite TV. Bet The Disney Channel is their favorite.

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4 Responses to Gopher It

  1. murdie says:

    Mom, young people use “tyke” as a derogatory term…

  2. Gerald says:

    Do you know what climate zone they live in if you do plz tell me

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