Would You Marry This Man?

Would you climb on the big, yellow machine with this man and dodge buffalo? Some people think he’s nuts.  But I married him AND sat on the back of the yellow machine, freezing my tush off, while getting closer to bison than I’ve ever been – except the last time I ate at Ted’s Montana Grill. So what does that make me? CRAZIER than him!

John and I spent our last day at Yellowstone yesterday exploring the east end of the park. It was a beautiful day around the Madison campground – a balmy 63 degrees. We headed out on the Goldwing for the Fishing Village and the brisk, but totally enjoyable motorcycle ride, became downright chilly by the time we got to the east section of the park where big Yellowstone Lake is still mostly frozen. The temperature dipped to 44. For those non-motorcyclists – with wind chill, 44 feels like 24.

The world’s first national park is an amazingly unique place on the planet. I am taking a lot of wonderful memories away with me not the least of which will be our motorcycle ride around the park. With views like the one of the Upper Falls…how could I not?

Upper Falls at Canyon

We left Yellowstone early this morning and headed to Bozeman, MT where we tried yet another hot springs. Nothing to write home about here. Your bath tub is comparable. So we dined at Chez John’s in the Clampett Mobile and then headed northwest toward Glacier National Park.

Knowing we wouldn’t make the park today, we pulled into Polson, MT looking for an RV site to spend the night and what a wonderful surprise! Polson is simply lovely, nestled beside Flathead Lake and surrounded by mountains. If you’re ever in Montana – stop in Polson.  It’s worth the visit!

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