Huckleberry Hound

May 6, 2012

Down south we eat a lot of things — chitlins, muscadines, grits, etc. — that aren’t known in other parts of the country or, at least, aren’t favored by our fellow citizens. While out west, I’ve discovered huckleberry. Further, I’ve discovered that I really like huckleberry. In fact, I’m becoming a huckleberry hound. I’ve tried huckleberry caramel in Wyoming. I tried huckleberry ice cream at Yellowstone. Both were so tasty that, next, I think I’m going to try huckleberry wine. I just have to find some. I’m hoping Montana can deliver on that later this week.

In the meantime…I’m partaking of the hot and cold that is Yellowstone. Snow-capped peaks and ice cold streams to steaming hot springs, mud pools and geysers. It’s a landscape of extremes.

God’s country.

Undine Falls is one of many in the park.

The geothermal activity creates some interesting springs. The pH in some is akin to battery acid. Micro-organisms living in the hot soup create the beautiful color.



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