Don’t Frack the Hoback

Did you know that the best people live in Big Piney, WY? According to the sign welcoming you to Big Piney, ‘tis true. But the folks about a mile down the road in Marbelton probably disagree. I’m inclined to think that you can find “the best people” wherever you go…Waleska, GA to Big Piney, WY and all parts in between.

The Traveling Longinos have made their way into the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. This is cattle country…and antelope country. We saw quite a few on our way to Hoback Junction where we’re lounging beside a campfire at the Snake River KOA campsite.

The Hoback River meandered for miles with us as we drove and a sign in one of the small towns along the way caught my eye. Big, bold letters said “Don’t Frack the Hoback.” Seems that in addition to cattle and antelope…there’s natural gas to be had in these parts.  Fracking is a controversial natural gas drilling process that opponents say infuses toxic chemicals and gas into drinking water supplies.

According to Scientific American,  “If fracking is defined as a single fracture of deep shale, that action might be benign. When multiple “fracks” are done in multiple, adjacent wells, however, the risk for contaminating drinking water may rise. If fracking is defined as the entire industrial operation, including drilling and the storage of wastewater, contamination has already been found.”

And so it goes…

The streams and the rivers they feed in this high country are simply glorious. Image

John and I took a stroll down to the bank of the Snake River which is high and rushing fast with the snow runoff. John estimated the water was running about 8 knots (slightly over 9 mph) in the middle of the river. Fast and pure…here’s hoping it stays that way.


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