Thar’s Bones in Them Thar Hills

The fossilized remains of more than 500 dinosaurs have been identified at the Dinosaur Monument in Utah.

If I had to use one word to describe the effect of this journey on me thus far, it would be “insignificant.” You feel so insignificant against the backdrop of this vast, immense land.

When I looked out across a seemingly endless Texas, I felt insignificant. When I cast my eyes upon the Painted Desert, I felt insignificant.  When I stood on the rim and looked into the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, I felt insignificant. And today, when I touched the fossilized bone of a creature that walked the earth 149 million years ago – I felt insignificant.

There are bones in the hills of Utah and they put you in your place.

Physically, we’re simply a nanosecond in time. Insignificant.

Yet, I believe in a spiritual existence beyond time and space. I place my faith in Christ, seeking to transcend myself and the world through His love.  God’s love is many things…but insignificant is not one of them. It shines more brightly than the sun rising over Flaming Gorge and burns longer than the heat baking the Arizona desert. It is infinite.

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2 Responses to Thar’s Bones in Them Thar Hills

  1. akoubadorcas says:

    These posts ate beautiful! You guys are obviously enjoying every second of your trip and I’m glad that your love of Hod still shows through your appreciation of the beauty of the world and the people who inhabit it. Simply beautiful.

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