Western Exposure

Spruce Lake RV Park in Estes Park, CO.

We over-nighted at the Spruce Lake RV Campground in Estes Park last night…it’s a nice spot in the middle of a small town that’s a big town in comparison to many that I’ve seen while traveling in and around the Rockies.

This morning John awakened me at the crack of dawn and told me to look outside. When I peaked out, I was greeted by a herd of elk – five females to be specific. About an hour later when I ventured out to make my way to the shower building, they were still there munching away. I wondered where the male of the harem was keeping himself. I gave the herd a wide berth because while they look like gigantic versions of Bambi;  they are wild animals and wild animals  are, well, WILD.

On my way to the shower room I was greeted by a very fat bunny  nibbling on the spring grass right outside the shower building door. He was a dead ringer for Thumper and was as surprised to see me as I was him. After a stunned moment of silence, he turned and hopped away as fast as his fat little legs would propel him.

Munching on grass in Estes Park, CO.

Later in the morning, John and I discovered the male elk munching on some grass outside a convenience store. Even with a fairly small rack, he was King of Estes Park. I was rather surprised he wasn’t just strolling down main street like the moose on the old TV show “Northern Exposure.”  Didn’t he know he could be the star of his own series? We could call it “Western Exposure.”

We left Estes Park and dropped in at the Rocky Mountain National Park and then headed out west via a rather convoluted route since the road, Highway 34, through the National Park is still closed due to icy conditions at 12,000+ feet. John and I saw some large vestiges of snow as we traveled through Cameron Pass at 10,000+ feet. He posted a photo on his Facebook page to commemorate the moment – the Traveling Longinos amid a lot of white stuff.

Late afternoon saw us at Steamboat Springs and we pulled into Yampa River State Park to the west of that ski hot spot around 5:30 p.m. to stop for the day.

Camping at Yampa River State Park in Colorado.

Tomorrow we’re headed for the Dinosaur National Monument which sprawls into Utah. Dinos here we come!

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2 Responses to Western Exposure

  1. Cheryl McFarland says:

    The students are enjoying your blogs and pictures! They have created a bulletin board with the pictures and ask every morning if you have a new post. Safe Travels!!!
    Mrs. McFarland’s morning class

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