A PostScript to Rocky Mountain High

After I posted my last blog entry, my husband read it and gave me the affirmation that he is so wonderful at giving. And we went on about our late afternoon…he stretching out on the camper bed to get some rest after a busy day…me re-editing my blog to get my dates straight.

Finally, worn out from the road, I crawled up beside him to stretch out and when I put my head on his shoulder, my safe haven from the world, he began playing John Denver songs on his Android.  And I cried happy tears…the thoughtful gesture reminding me why I joined my life to his.

And John Denver sang…“If I could give you a day like any day…I’d give you a day just like today.” And I couldn’t agree more. Life is good on the road as the thread continues to be woven…


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4 Responses to A PostScript to Rocky Mountain High

  1. Lisa says:

    When you told me that you were going to marry someone you met on the internet I was concerned even though I know you took it slow. I prayed that this wasn’t a mistake for you. Looks like God answered my prayer.

  2. Shannon says:

    im sorry im just catching up on your latest entrys. its been hard just living life lately. im tears over this one. mother i just want you to know that through all the miles weve been toghether… im so glad you have someone to walk with now that we are grown. ive found my someone and i understand how lonely and empty life can be without someone pushing play. i love you and i love john for loving you. i miss you both. come home safe.

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