Go West, Young Man…and be an Artist

The Old Sante Fe Trail was about commerce between Missouri and Sante Fe. The new trail is about following your creative dreams.

When Horace Greeley encouraged young men to head west in the 19th century, it wasn’t to pursue an artistic life. Horace had a more agricultural lifestyle in mind. But after my visit to Taos and now Sante Fe, NM, I’m inclined to believe that those migrating west in this century do so to pursue their creative dreams. New Mexico is an artist’s Mecca.

Sante Fe certainly has a creative vibe…from street musicians playing in the Plaza downtown to the art galleries lining Canyon Road. The later should be renamed Art Alley as I’ve never seen so many art galleries populating one small area in my life…a real treasure trove for art lovers.

My dear friend, Mindy, and her husband, Grant, have kindly hosted us for the last couple of days at their beautiful home in Sante Fe. Beautiful is an understatement. The Holland Casa could be featured in Better Homes and Garden, no problem!

I stand in awe of, Mindy, who hired me right out of graduate school some three decades ago to work for her at a high-tech company in Norcross. We’ve been friends ever since. Never suffering from a lack of creativity, Mindy has been inspired since moving to Sante Fe in 2005. She’s published two books and is now starting to try her hand at painting. Here’s a look into her creative world.

Tomorrow morning we leave the enchanted land of artists and begin our trek north through the Rocky Mountains. I think I’ll take a little bit of the creative energy flowing through New Mexico with me…

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