Tinkering Around Taos

Yesterday morning I detached from the mother ship and took the truck into Taos from the Orilla Verde Recreation Area where we are camped. It’s about 12 miles into town with amazing vistas along the way. John had already left in his escape pod – the motorcycle – to attend a breakfast Rotary meeting. He planned to hang out after the meeting and tap into the internet and work. Now, there’s a four-letter word if there ever was one!

I spent the morning meandering around Taos – mostly window shopping. The southwestern jewelry, pottery and other art is as lovely as you’d expect in this town populated by artisans.   My favorite shop was Mesa’s Edge which featured some really fine pieces – all vastly out of my price range.

Met John for lunch at a sidewalk café where he told me about dedicating his morning to that four-letter word. As for me, I showed him the little treasures I accumulated while he was hard at W-O-R-K.  My mother is going to like her Mother’s Day gift which I will need to ship to her from the road – while my BFF, Margo, will enjoy a birthday gift from Taos. You’ll have to wait until July to see what it is, my friend!

In the afternoon, we took a short one-mile hike on a footpath running along side the Rio Grande. Early morning or late afternoon is best for outdoor activities that require anything more strenuous than a saunter. The sun is vicious.

This morning we set off to do about a 75-mile motorcycle ride along the Enchanted Circle. We stopped at the visitor’s center in Taos (for internet access to post this blog!) and are told that heavy winds and possible rain are expected today. It’s also quite brisk in the mountains where we were headed so conditions aren’t ideal for riding today. Not to worry…there’s plenty to do here! We investigating local hot springs…

Riding conditions were perfect a few days ago in Sedona. Here’s a video clip so you can experience it vicariously at least. I shot this as we were headed back into Sedona at the end of our riding day.

John is a great travel companion. He ferrets out information like a seasoned researcher or investigative reporter. Sometimes I just sit back and watch him and marvel — and enjoy the fruits of his labor! There are hot springs that you can hike to but John discovered that locals use these as bathtubs…hmmm. So, we’re opting for Oj0 Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa.

Off to soak these middle-aged bones…

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2 Responses to Tinkering Around Taos

  1. murdie says:

    I think you’re past middle aged Ma… But young at hear, n’est pas?

  2. hikenwrite says:

    According to Oprah, 50 is the new 30. And Oprah knows all!

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