Sedona is really lovely…we came in yesterday down Oak Creek Canyon Road which had some of the most spectacular views I’ve seen. I was busy driving the rig along the narrow, curvy road , but managed to glimpse the red canyon walls for which Sedona is famous. Absolutely astounding…

Sedona has my vote for the best spot on the trip so far.

Helmets are optional in Arizona...but we wear them just the same.

Today, we ventured out on the motorcycle to a number of sites in the area, including Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle National Monument. Of course, Montezuma the Aztec had absolutely nothing to do with either place – both were occupied at least 1000 years ago by tribal peoples native to the area.

The park ranger at Montezuma Well was – as they have all been from Mississippi to Arizona – incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I have been struck by how much the rangers seem to genuinely like what they do and do what they like. A ranger at the Petrified National Forest outlined the bike ride we took today up to and including the restaurant we stopped at for lunch in Cornville. The restaurant, Manzinita, was quite good, living up to the ranger’s recommendation.

My house will not look this good 800 years from now.

After seeing where the ancient cliff dwellers had lived in Montezuma Castle, we discovered that the modern equivalents perch their homes on the side of a mountain leading up to the town of Jerome. It was a biker haven as there were motorcyclists everywhere.

By late afternoon, we were hot and tired and stopped by Red Rock Crossover to peel off our shoes and wade across a refreshingly cold stream to sit on a dry rock in the middle of it.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t called Montezuma Creek…but the water, like the water at Montezuma Well, springs from deep within the desert earth, representing rain that fell thousands of years ago. Note to self: clean water at any age feels exquisite after hours in the desert heat.

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