Ever Sleep in a Wig Wam?

Thus beckons the WigWam Motelon Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona. John and I passed the motel driving out of Holbrook this afternoon where we made a pit stop.  I’ve done my share of tents and now, a camper, over the years – but never a wig wam. The old cars parked strategically out front perfected the picture of the American motorist. Seems Route 66 is as much a part of the history here as cowboys and Indians. They even have a small monument to the historic old highway in the Petrified Forest National Park .

Tribute to The Mother Road

In Holbrook, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican cantina on Route 66 called Roma’s. I had a Navajo taco which was basically a sopapilla covered in beans, ground beef, lettuce and tomato. Roma’s had it’s own monument to The Mother Road and John snapped this pic of me adorning it.

Getting my kicks on Route 66

We left Route 66 behind to hop back on I-40 to take in the Meteor Crater.  This is as close to walking on the moon as you can get and the Apollo astronauts actually trained here. It’s one gargantuan hole in the ground out in the middle of no where – pretty much what you’d expect from a rock hitting the Earth at 26,000 mph. Ka-boom!

Then it was on to Sedona. What can I say about Sedona? Actually, I think my husband says it best when he describes Sedona as a “one-of-a-kind” place on the planet and since he’s seen so much of our planet (80 countries and all 50 U.S. states), I put a lot of credence in his assessment.  We’re going to hang out here in Sedona for a couple of days to soak it all in.

John took his yellow escape pod (our Goldwing) and went into Sedona this evening while I chilled out here at the RV park. Shower, laundry, blogging and time alone as we were getting rather short with one another today. The motorcycle man came back bearing gifts – a “Life is Good” t-shirt to add to my collection of them.  I love those shirts!

Life is good, indeed.

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